Valley Residents Encouraged to Sign Incorporation Feasibility Study Petition

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By Mark Ferrin to the Ogden Valley News

Dear Ogden Valley Neighbors and Friends:

On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and friends entered the Great Salt Lake valley, then not a part of the United States. A few days later, Brigham appointed Jedediah Morgan Grant to be Mayor of the new city near the Salt Lake. Then Brigham almost immediately returned to the Eastern states. Now, 175 years later, we still haven’t created a city in beautiful Ogden Valley. It will not be as easy as it was for Brigham Young, but I think it is probably time we legally incorporate a state-recognized city in Ogden Valley. So, I am writing this letter to invite community awareness and your participation.

Weber County representatives informed me that, last year, Valley residents paid Weber County $1 million more in taxes than the county spent on services to the Valley. If you were recently surprised by your 2022 Tax Notice, you might think the Valley is quickly becoming Weber County’s cash cow.

Earlier this year, I was asked by some longtime Valley residents (whom I deeply admire) if I would become the Primary Contact Sponsor for an effort to create a city within the unincorporated area of Eastern Weber County. (The geographically small town of Huntsville is the only incorporated entity within Eastern Weber County and Huntsville wants to continue on with its present dimensions.)

I feel it is time for the Valley to seriously evaluate our future. Part of my past legal career included service as the city attorney for Farmington City and later for North Ogden City. I am now 72 years old and have no political ambitions, but I have seen the benefit of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Recently, the Ogden Valley incorporation team began hosting public meetings to inform all interested Valley residents of the state’s legal requirements to become a city. Primarily the state requires (1) a legal DESCRIPTION of the land area to be incorporated, and (2) a PETITION supported by a sufficient number of landowner’s signatures representing 10% of the proposed land AREA and 7% of the proposed land VALUE. The state’s Feasibility Study is thorough and usually takes the state about a year to complete. During the Feasibility Study, every affected landowner is notified, and any owner may request to be excluded from the study. Following a successful Feasibility Study, a vote to incorporate must be included on the ballot of a general election and can pass by a simple majority.

The next available general election is 2024, and a state feasibility study may take all of 2023. So, we are seeking qualifying signatures now to initiate the study and avoid further procedural delays.

I invite everyone to sign the petition being distributed, requesting a State Feasibility Study. Detailed information is contained in this edition of The Ogden Valley News.