To Incorporate, or Not to Incorporate, That is the Question…

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Compiled by Shanna Francis

A community open house is planned for February 28, 2023 at the Ogden Valley Library in Huntsville at 6:00 p.m. to acquaint residents and property owners with the investigation process of a formal feasibility study regarding incorporating of Ogden Valley—minus the already incorporated community of Huntsville Town. The open house is designed to allow for individuals to ask questions and familiarize themselves with the process.

During this current ongoing process, many comments, conjectures, and discussions by the community have been transpiring—both among individuals and through social media sites. In the process, several oft-asked questions have come up. This article is an attempt to address some of these questions and to clarify circulating information. The most common questions and answers are noted below.

  1. Will our taxes go up if Ogden Valley incorporates? We don’t know yet; this is the purpose of undertaking a feasibility study! The study, by an independent third party—most likely Zions Bank—has to show that a new incorporated community has the ability to generate 105% of revenue needed to fund the new town’s projected costs for the next five years. It is unlikely that the incorporation process will proceed if taxes would have to be raised. However, if Valley residents value local control highly enough, they could recommend proceeding with the incorporation process. This will be entirely up to local residents. Please note that a vote to support the feasibility study today is completely separate and distinct from a future vote to support incorporation.
  2. Who submitted the application for a feasibility study? Mark Ferrin is the primary sponsor of this initiative. Mark is a long-time resident of the valley (40+ years), and is interested in ensuring Valley residents have more influence over the governance of their communities. He is supported by several other established Valley residents.
  3. Where can I find a better and clearer map defining the proposed boundaries of an incorporated Ogden Valley? The one sent from the Lt. Governor’s office is confusing. You can find a clear map of the proposed boundaries on the Ogden Valley Incorporation Facebook page.
  4. What will be the future of the Valley’s current General Plan if the Valley chooses to incorporate? A great deal of effort and public input and support went into developing the Ogden Valley’s general plan. However, currently, many of the desires and goals outlined in the planned are not being implemented and carried out by county ordinances or codes as intended. One of the aims of incorporation is to ensure that our community-adopted general plan is used as the vision and guiding element of community administration, including the adoption of planning and zoning ordinances that support the general plan.
  5. If the community opts to incorporate, what happens to current planning and zoning ordinances governing the Valley? When a new city or town incorporates, the current zoning ordinances remain in place until a time the community chooses to change them, individually and incrementally, through the established legal process—due process under the law.

If you have additional questions or concerns, visit the Facebook page Ogden Valley Incorporation, send an email to or contact Mark Ferrin at 801-745-0445.