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Petition Instructions

The Ogden Valley Incorporation Sponsors are collecting the second “Petition For Incorporation of Ogden Valley” signature sheets. Please see the signature collection locations, days and times below.

  • Eden Park, June 5-8, 3pm-7pm (W-F), 12pm-4pm (S)
  • Peddlers/Mountain Luxury Building, Any Day, 9am-5pm (M-F)
  • Huntsville Mercantile, June 12-15, 3pm-7pm (W-F)
  • Valley Market Parking Lot, Weather and Volunteer Dependent

Please fill out one petition per household. For example, everyone who lives at that address and is a registered voter can sign the same form.
If the land/home is under joint ownership, all owners must sign the petition for it to be counted.
The petition requires parcel numbers for all land owned in the proposed city boundaries.
Parcel numbers can be found at:
If an owner owns multiple parcels:
**And the parcels are all under the same name, the owner only need to sign once but then list all parcels in the righthand column.
**If the parcels are under different names or have different owners, then we’ll need separate petitions for these parcels
If your land is in an LLC or Trust:
**Write the full legal name of the LLC or Trust in the block at the bottom of table titled “Owner of Record for LLC or Trust”
**Everyone who is named as co-owners of the LLC or Trust must sign the petition on the same form
**If you own more than one LLC or Trust, please fill out separate forms for each with all co-owners signing
The petition requires the voting precinct for all registered voters who are registered to vote in the proposed city boundaries. These can be found at
All adults registered to vote in the proposed city boundaries may sign the petition whether or not they own land. (i.e. renters, dependents)

If you are unable to make it to one of these locations, visit to download a petition and return to