OV Incorporation Effort Moves Forward

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Efforts toward incorporating Ogden Valley are moving forward; however, the next steps in the process and resulting timeline are largely in the hands of the state’s Lieutenant Governor’s (LG) office, consultants LRB, and Weber County.

During February, landowners in the valley had the opportunity to opt out of the being included within the proposed boundaries of the new Ogden Valley city. By March 1, 2024, the Ogden Valley incorporation boundary will be set and locked in.

In February, Huntsville Town annexed a few abutting parcels into their town boundary, equaling about 50 new acres that only nominally affected the proposed boundary of the new Ogden Valley city. In addition, following recommendations by the LG office and feasibility study consultant LRB, boundary adjustments were made to remove certain State and Federal lands, which necessitated LRB to produce a modified feasibility study. However, Huntsville’s annexations and the removal of government lands will have little effect on the overall financial feasibility of the incorporated Ogden Valley.

The state’s review of the opt-out requests and the completion of the modified feasibility study can take up to two months—a process being completed by the LG’s office, LRB, and Weber County. Once this is completed, the LG’s office will hold the second and final community meeting in Ogden Valley. The date of this final public meeting has not yet been announced.

After the second public community meeting, incorporation sponsors can then move forward with the required collection of signatures for a petition requesting the LG’s office place on the ballot of the next general election the question of whether Ogden Valley should incorporate. Sponsors are still working toward making this happen by the November 2024 general election.

The incorporation of Ogden Valley can proceed with a simple majority of Valley residents, who are registered to vote, casting their support in favor of incorporating. With this simple majority vote, the community will then move forward with the election of their mayor and city council in the November 2025 election cycle.

For more information about the incorporation process or to sign up to assist in the effort, please visit ogdenvalleyinc.org or call incorporation sponsor Mark Ferrin at 801-745-0445.