Ogden Valley Incorporation Feasibility Study Update

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Compiled by Shanna Francis

Community members working toward qualifying for a state-funded feasibility study on the incorporation of Ogden Valley are continuing their efforts, despite a recent miscalculation setback on the part of Weber County who was directed by the state to qualify and quantify and gathered submitted incorporation feasibility petition signatures.

The gathering of enough signatures—representing 10% of the proposed boundary’s private land and 7% of the marketable value therein—is the first step in moving forward with an incorporation feasibility study. The signatures submitted more than adequately met these goals. However, the county misinterpreted the law, expecting petitioners to meet a much higher threshold than required. In addition, the county requested additional supporting documentation that has not been required previously from other cities who have gone through this process.

Weber County’s miscalculation of the number of submitted petition signatures and associated real property valuation and acreage, and the insistence on more documentation than traditionally required, led to an initial denial that petitioners had successfully met the state’s legal threshold.

Petition sponsors met with representatives from the state’s Lt. Governor’s office March 10 to reach a resolution. In consequence, the Lt. Governor’s office reviewed the county’s miscalculations, and is working with them to correct the issue regarding qualifying signatures.

Sponsors of the feasibility study hope to meet initial deadlines so the request for the study can continue as allowed by law.

For more information, please visit the Ogden Valley Incorporation Facebook page at www.facebook.com/people/Ogden-Valley-Incorporation/100086358906998/ or send an email to OVIncorporation@gamil.com.