Ogden Valley Feasibility Petition Passes State Requirements: Incorporation Effort Moves Forward

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Compiled by Shanna Francis

Since January 2022, a team of Valley residents has been working on an effort to petition the state for a feasibility study to determine the economic viability of Ogden Valley becoming its own self-governing entity—an independent, incorporated Ogden Valley community.

The initial petition effort culminated May 11, 2023 with a certificate from the state’s lieutenant governor’s office, signed by Lt. Governor Deidre M. Henderson, stating that the request for the feasibility study filed by the Incorporation Team “meets the requirements to initiate a feasibility study…. Within the next 90 days, my office will contract with a feasibility consultant… to conduct a feasibility study.”

State employee Brody Bailey, who worked on the verification process, wrote, “After reviewing the documents you provided, our office has determined the required thresholds to initiate a feasibility study have been met.”

What’s Next

The state of Utah now has 90 days to hire a third-party consultant with expertise in municipal financial analysis to conduct the Ogden Valley feasibility study. Within 120 days of being hired, the consulting firm will submit the results of their findings. Then, two public meetings will be slated where they will present the findings from the study, and answer questions from the community.

Finally, depending on the results of the study, the community will determine if they want to pursue becoming an incorporated municipality. If so, a second petition drive must be held to gain enough signatures from residents who are in favor of incorporating. With the success of this second petition drive, the issue will be placed on the next upcoming general election ballot, projected for November 2024, where all registered voters within the boundary of the proposed municipality will have the opportunity to voice their choice in the matter.

With the success of the vote to incorporate, a vote for leadership of the new municipality will be held the following November where Ogden Valley leaders will be elected to carry out the administrative duties of Utah’s newest self-governing political subdivision of the state, with full legislative and administrative governance rights to enact ordinances, collect taxes, and conduct city business.

Community members working toward self-governance in Ogden Valley state that their effort to gain local control of this unique and amazing community are centered on ensuring that the Valley remains a sustainable and viable community where there is a balance between:

  • The community’s rural and urban character
  • Environmental sustainability and development
  • The Valley’s traditional quality-of-life environment and the welcoming of new community members
  • Recreational opportunities and safe, supportive, and cohesive neighborhoods

Also important is the protection of valued resources that make living in Ogden Valley so appealing to residents and attractive to visitors.

  • Agricultural lands and the benefits and culture our stewards of the land contribute to the community
  • Open space
  • Scenic vistas
  • Peace and quiet
  • Dark skies
  • Clean air and water
  • Abundant wildlife and wildlife habitat
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Friendly neighbors

Lead incorporation sponsor Mark Ferrin commented, “It is with great pleasure that I can announce significant progress towards the incorporation of Ogden Valley. The Utah State Lieutenant Governor’s Office has today [May 11] certified that all the requirements to initiate a feasibility study have been fully satisfied. Within the next 90 days, this state office will contract with a qualified, impartial consultant to conduct the feasibility study and present their findings at several public meetings. All Valley residents, and especially registered voters, should plan to attend one of these public meetings to have their questions more fully addressed.

“I am particularly grateful for, and sincerely impressed with the hardworking incorporation team members who have performed an outstanding community service for the last year. My thanks to each of them and all the Ogden Valley community for their support.”

“May we all continue to contribute our individual talents to the benefit and beautification of our Ogden Valley community.”

Team project manager Nick Dahlkamp, added, “Many thanks to all who signed the feasibility petition, collated the results, communicated with the community, researched the laws, and liaised with the state and county, and for all the myriad of other things that made this initial effort a success.”