Lt. Governor’s Office Hosts Second Public Meeting on the Viability of an Incorporated OV

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By Shanna Francis

On May 2, 2024, LRB Public Finance Advisors, an independent consulting group commissioned by the state of Utah, released the results of its modified feasibility study after receiving public input from the original study released at the end of 2023. The modified feasibility study again found that “incorporation of the proposed Ogden Valley boundary will likely result in at least a five percent budget surplus.”

On June 3, members of the Ogden Valley community attended the second of two public hearings hosted by the state of Utah’s Lt. Governor’s Office. This second public hearing on the viability of an incorporated Ogden Valley community was held at Eden’s Snowcrest Jr. High. About 200 people attended the community meeting.

The purpose of the second public hearing was to allow consultants LRB to present to residents and property owners within the proposed incorporated area the findings of the modified study. Those attending also had the opportunity to express their views and ask consultants LRB questions regarding their findings from the modified study.

At the close of the second public hearing, sponsors of the incorporation initiative and community volunteers were on hand to assist Valley residents and property owners sign a petition to get the question of whether or not to incorporate on the ballot in this year’s 2024 general election in November. Anyone who owns property within the proposed new city’s boundaries, or are a registered voter in said area, qualifies to sign the new petition that is now circulating. In order to get the question of incorporation on the ballot, signatories whose properties represent 10% of the total acreage of the new proposed city, 7% of its assessed property value, and 10% of the registered voters in the new city must be collected. Registered voters must also represent 10% of the registered voters from 90% of each voting precinct in the Valley. Please note, in order to make the 2024 ballot, petition signatures must be collected by July 1.

If the requirements of the state are met for the collection of valid signatures on the petition, the question as to whether Ogden Valley should incorporate will then be placed on the November ballot. Provided a simple majority of voters within the proposed new city agree to incorporate, the Ogden Valley community will begin a yearlong process of recruiting interested candidates to run for office with Valley voters determining the outcome of who will be their elected representatives in the 2025 general election, as required by state law.

Volunteers are working across the valley to secure the required petition signatures to get the question of incorporation on the November ballot. Signature events have also been scheduled:

  • Peddlers Café/Mountain Luxury Offices in the Wolf Creek area – Anytime during regular business hours, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • The Drip next to Valley Market (weather & volunteer dependent)
  • Additional pop-up petition drive locations will be posted on the incorporation website at

Where can I get and drop off a petition? Download and print a petition, with instructions on how to complete and return the form, at the incorporation website at

To learn more about the proposed incorporation of Ogden Valley, to sign a petition, volunteer to help with the petition initiative, meet the incorporation sponsors, view a copy of the boundary map, or to find other relevant information about incorporation, please visit You may also contact OV incorporation sponsor Mark Ferrin at 801-745-0445.