Incorporation Milestone Reached A Brief History of Ogden Valley

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By Steve Clarke, Feasibility Steering Committee Chairman

The long awaited preliminary Feasibility of Incorporation study by Weber County has been received by the groups steering committee. The study provided useful data on revenues that might be expected within the new city boundaries, and on potential costs. The data showed a significant deficit using the originally submitted boundaries, which included Heritage Knolls, Radford Hills, Ogden Canyon, and the area generally known as Eden proper. 

Initial reports indicate that in order to make incorporation economically feasible, a considerably smaller boundary will need to be established. The Boundary Committee is drawing up the new boundary, and a study team will calculate the impact the changes will have on the balance sheet. As soon as these teams complete their work, a public meeting will be held to present the results and, potentially, to launch a petition drive requesting a formal Feasibility of Incorporation study by an independent firm.

The preliminary data and underlying assumptions from the results of this data were reviewed during a meeting with Weber County Commissioner Glen Burton and several key county department representatives. The Steering Committee would like to express their appreciation for the open dialogue on public safety and road maintenance costs. Roger Brunker led the Pre-Feasibility Study.