First Public Hearing on OV Incorporation Attracts Large Crowds & Favorable Comments

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Compiled by Shanna Francis

It is estimated that the first public hearing hosted by the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s office regarding the Ogden Valley incorporation feasibility study attracted close to eight-hundred people who packed Eden’s Snowcrest Jr. High School gymnasium on the evening of January 30.

The crowd filled the bleachers to capacity, then chairs were set up as people continued to pour into the school, anxious to learn more about the results of the feasibility study, and learn about what incorporation might mean for residents of the Valley.

The meeting started off with a presentation by LRB Public Finance Advisors, an independent consulting firm hired by the state of Utah to complete the study, whose representative provided a brief overview of the incorporation process then an explanation of the company’s findings. (A copy of the completed study can be accessed at

Next, the floor was opened so attendees could make comments regarding incorporation and ask questions about the study. Representatives from the Lt. Governor’s office noted the questions asked and will be posting answers on their website, along with questions that were submitted electronically to their site for a time. Watch for these questions and answers to be made public in the near future at

Ogden Valley incorporation sponsors now have thirty days to revise the new municipality’s proposed boundaries, if so desired. Also, the Lt. Governor’s Office will schedule the second and last public hearing for sometime this spring.

If you have additional questions or would like to assist in collecting signatures that are needed to get the question of incorporation on the ballot during the next general election; or, if you would like to make a donation to help with the cost of the boundary survey, please visit